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Play the app store’s newest, most exciting, NINJA ANIME ACTION GAME.

Join AFRO NINJA and face increasingly difficult challenges on your quest to defeat the dreaded Shedder, leader of the Viper Ninja Clan who holds the fearsome red moon Jutsu and controls the minds of all ninjas in Ninja Nation!

While resisting the red moon Jutsu’s powerful influence, help Afro Ninja take on an entire nation of mind-controlled ninjas!

Using his legendary skills, Afro Ninja will battle to free Ninja Nation by dashing through enemies and bringing chaos inside multiple arenas and worlds, then finally dueling against the Shedder.

Go as far as you can. Ninja Nation depends on you!


• Swipe to DASH through destructible objects and enemies
• EARN scores based on precision, speed and special combos
• COLLECT Ninja Star ‘Shruikens’, the in-game currency you can use to unlock supporting Ninja’s, Mascots and extra tools
• UNLOCK 3 supporting Ninja’s & 2 Mascots to help Afro Ninja on his journey and complete the most difficult levels
• ACQUIRE unique abilities called “jutsus” which can be charged by completing consecutive successful dashes and avoiding damage
• FIGHT against the fearsome Shedder who will teleport around arenas and cast deadly air slashes. Learn how to precisely maneuverer in order to land a sneaky hit on him!

Get ready for action, win battles, and embark on an exciting dashing adventure through great mountains to deep forests, mystical worlds and Ninja battle arenas.


Afro Ninja is free to play, however there are optional in-app purchases available. You can opt-out from the payment features any time via your device’s settings.


It’s time to wake Afro Ninja from his meditation. How far will you go?


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