About Blerc

We pride ourselves in doing our job well and fully satisfying our clients.

Our craft

Everything we do, we take it seriously, be it, design, storytelling through our games or short animations, web design. We aim to put smiles on everyone’s faces through our work and deliverance

Character we love

We value people, products, backgrounds, fashions that have the same characteristics as us, you could be from another galaxy. As long as you value honesty, passion, enjoying life to the fullest helping each other, we value you

Our creativity

Our imagination is endless, we have different creative backgrounds and also our creativity is not just in-house. We aim for our clients to be creative and help us create what ever you want

Who we are

We started Blerc because we wanted to design and bring smiles to the world through mobile games but we did not want to stop there. We also wanted to bring back affordable premium fashion and you can help us design it

Team Members

Denver Masunda

Denver Masunda


We don't know what he does

Cecilia Gordigiani - Aware Studio

Co-founder of Aware Studio

Concept art, Graphics and character design, Visual effects, Storyboarding

Erwin Melani - Aware Studio

Co-founder of Aware Studio

Game programming, Animations, Level design, Story writing

Work progress

Some of the things we are working on

1. Adaptive Living

2. Afro Ninja

3. A haunted house